Marlin 22 Magnum Rifle (With Video)

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Marlin Model 25, 22 Magnum Bolt Action Rifle
By Steven L. Doran

Marlin has always made a great line of , accurate, handsome well built relatively inexpensive bolt action repeating rifles. The magazine fed versions have always been my choice because it is easy to keep extra ammo in a pocket or pack.

I love carbine length rifle’s because to me with what I do and have done they are so much more handy than their longer counter parts and I have never found the shorter barrel to be a hindrance in accuracy. I take just as much game as I ever did, and find it way easier to carry the gun in steep, rough or thick brushy terrain.

When I was in law enforcement carbine’s were easier to get in and out a vehicle with, maneuver inside buildings, hallways and close spaces. So I had the barrel of the Marlin cut to 17 Inches to make it more serviceable in the environments I intended to use it. Which truth be told is all of them. If i need a 22 magnum this little Marlin is going with me.

The Marlin is a tack driver. I use this term a lot because I will not use a gun that is not extremely accurate.  At 25 yards it constantly shot quarter size groups off hand.

For an over all great 22 Magnum Rifle we highly recommend the Marlin. There are more expensive and prettier .22 magnum rifles out there but you will not do better than the Marlin for, quality,  price, reliability or accuracy.

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As always please realize that with any gun; especially one you intend to use for survival or self defense you will have to practice. I always recommend no less than a half a day and no less than 300 rounds through the gun. You should be fully familiar with its operation, loading, unloading, cocking, decoking, firing and accuracy.  If not keep shooting until you are totally comfortable.  This gun is a lot of fun to shoot so it is not like you will be suffering during this process. Go out and have a great time.

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  1. Brandon on Mon, 15th Jun 2009 1:30 PM 

    Good Stuff Guys Keep it up, we need more good information on firearms and stuff


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