Bird-Shot as a Self-Defense Load? (With Video)

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We have done tests with various bird shot loads. The problem with bird-shot is that it does not penetrate enough to be effective as a defense round for the most part. The wound it leaves is gruesome, yet the lack of penetration can be a problem.

However that being said at close range if someone frail or infirm taking up a defensive position behind  a bed shooting at a perpetrator coming through the door, it is doubtful the bad guy would soak it up and keep coming.  Number 8 has 1 1/8 ounces of shot moving at 1255 FPS  and as shown holds a tight pattern at home defense distances, as does #6 and #4. That is a lot of lead hitting all at once.  Further a well aimed shot to the neck underarm, belly  or crotch area at 10 yards or less would most certainly sever an artery and or cause a tremendous amount of damage.  In colder claimants heavy cloths worn by a perpetrator would be an issue when taking upper body shots as the clothing would stop and slow down a good deal of the shot.

Our research showed persons have been killed all over the world with Bird shot at close range, we opted not to post the information here since it is disturbing, but it does work . In the video we say use it if you must, but if you have your choice and have the ability to use something else do so.  If you use bird-shot use the full power loads, and be ready for a follow up shot. Shot placement is going to be more critical.

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6 Comments on "Bird-Shot as a Self-Defense Load? (With Video)"

  1. Billy B on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 7:52 PM 

    I have often thought about this thanks

  2. Jay on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 7:53 PM 

    Thanks for another great video

  3. Mark on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 7:55 PM 

    Cool video, I think for a older person like you say something is better than nothing, and them being able to place shot with it at close range would work but if you can use something better do so

  4. Mark on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 7:56 PM 

    I like your articles a lot very piratical no nonsense and to the point

  5. Ross on Tue, 15th Sep 2009 7:56 AM 

    This video is correct, if you can use a heavier load, do so. I normally have #4 buck loaded as it has good penetration but is less likely to go through walls like slugs will. Still if your in a bind and #6 bird shoot is all you have then use it and aim for the groin/lower belly area.

  6. Idahoser on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 8:48 AM 

    Thanks for the video. Like with a .22 for defense, don’t design your defenses that way but use it if it’s all you have- you may be trying it for the rest of your life.

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