Make Your Own Hiking Staff

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The Hiking Staff is a pole which serves as the extension of your body. The trail is not always smooth and flat. There may be steep areas or streams that you need to cross. A Staff  will be able to provide the extra support that you need. 

It  provides additional support and stability especially on difficult terrain, helps keep your balance, and reduces stress on your feet, legs, knees, and back. When going uphill, it gives added power and stability, while it provides extra support and reduces the shock on your joints when descending steep areas.  The Staff can be used to protect yourself against dogs and other wild animals.

A Hiking Staff has other uses. It can serve as your tent pole and a great tool to move tree branches and high grass out of your way.  Knock fruit out of a tree. You can lean on your stick when you need to take a short break and take pressure off your back.

There are several things to take into account when it comes to choosing a Hiking Staff. There are a lot of sticks to choose from and they are all free. Walking Staffs can be made from any type of strong wood.  Your  Staff should be about six inches above your elbow or as high as your shoulder. Check the diameter. You should be able to grip it  comfortably, and it should not so flimsy it will break when you lean into it.  To check the staff, place it against a rock or curb, and push against it. It should be able to support your weight and will not break easily. Further if you are an artist you can carve designs in the stick or put marks on it if  you need to measure items in the field.

If you are a tracker it allows you to measure the stride of the person you are tracking. Just keep a rubber band in your pocket or on the stick to mark it.  You can drill a hole attache a lanyard, or wrap with some 550 cord. Use it like a cane pole to fish. You can get as fancy as you want.



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