Pack of wild dogs suspected in attack on miniature horses

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Jennifer Parks

MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ — The Arizona Game and Fish Department believes a pack of wild dogs might be responsible for attacking three miniature horses at a home north of Phoenix.

It happened sometime early Friday morning in the Desert Hills area near 7th Avenue and Carefree Highway.
JoAnne Souza discovered the horses. She said one of the baby miniatures was already dead and another died a few hours later.

“I was just in hysterics,” said Souza.  ”I went running back into the house.  My first thought was they had gotten hurt on the fence.”I know they went after the babies cause they are the weakest ones,” said Souza.

Game and Fish told Souza they determined it was a pack of wild dogs and not a mountain lion because of the bite marks. They said it could still be possible a coyote was traveling with the pack of dogs.

Right now the family just wants to warn others about this wild pack of dogs in case the animals are still in the area.
“My fear right now is that they’ll be back,” said Souza.

She and her husband Ron own about 26 miniature horses. The family breeds and shows them. They’ve been invited to be in this year’s Rose Parade. “Miniature horses are like potato chips,” Souza said. “You can’t just have one.” So far no one has seen the wild pack dogs suspected of killing two of the Souza’s horses. The one that survived is about four years old. “Little Bit” is walking around, but has bite marks to his throat and rear.



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