Chicago Hiker Lost in Alaska, Twice and…Again

August 28, 2009 by  
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A 19-year-old seasonal worker came up from Chicago looking forward to some adventure in Alaska when he took a job just outside Denali National Park. Last week Don Carroll struck off with a friend to find Chris McCandless’s ‘Magic Bus’ from the book Into the Wild. The two stashed their food and water before a river crossing and planned to pick it up on their way back. Well, they found the bus but got lost before they could reclaim the food and water bag. They survived by drinking river water and eating berries until a helicopter plucked them from the Alaskan wilds. But it gets better. In June this same kid headed into the front country around Mount Healy in Denali National Park by himself wearing jeans and a hoody. He got lost, soaked in the rain, and then (of course) text messaged rangers clues to his whereabouts. They found him and sent a high-altitude rescue chopper

If police see me (hiking) in the woods, they’re going to arrest me,” a rueful Carroll said during a cell phone interview Tuesday.

“The chief ranger said he’s not going to come looking for me anymore,” Carroll said.

Though Carroll has done plenty of hiking that didn’t end in rescue, his employer has suggested that he wind down his Alaskan adventures and do a bit of community service.



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