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You may think it is strange that an outdoor guy cares about politeness and social behavior. However it is at the top of my list. I am taken back in social settings I attend.  I see people who have no clue how to talk or behave.  It is amazing what our society has become. I  believe it’s because we live in a digital age.  People hide behind a TV,  phone,  or their computer screen.  Family meals are a thing of the past, no one sits down and talks. They grab food and go to their corner or leave the room.  They do nothing outside the home together. If they do,   most of their activities other than eating out cut off communications even further. Even when they are setting together in a restaurant, people remain silent and say nothing, they eat like pigs at at a trough, with their face buried in their plate, looking down not up.  When you hear people talking it is about their computer game, their TV Show, who just texted them, what they texted back.

I was at the Grand Canyon with a friend, we had lunch and were sitting enjoying the view from the porch of the hotel.  As we sat drinking our coffee, I began noticing  entire family’s and individuals walking the rim trail in front of us, none of them looking at the canyon, they walked down the path, each focused on their cell phone, each one texting away. Not one of them even looking in the direction of the canyon.

People have lost their ability to communicate,  and even really love each other.  Well I have the cure. Turn off your computer, TV and Cell Phone. Make it a point to do things where you have to talk, laugh and actually spend time with each other. I know of no better way then getting outside and going to areas in the outdoors where cell phones, computers and TV’s  do not work.  If you can not make it to the wilderness, set a time when they are completely shut off.   At home set down with each other to eat and talk about your day and you plans for the next.

Politeness, Manners, Communication are all skills. Use them or loose them.  I love the digital age as much as the next for convenience . However I do not let it consume me or take time away from the people I love.  Take the time to be good to each other, you may even find that you like it.



One Comment on "Get out of the House"

  1. Sandy on Thu, 27th Aug 2009 3:37 PM 

    This article really says it all. Families don’t know each other anymore.
    Guess what?
    I am turning off everything except my email.
    I will leave that on, as I get messages asking for help on this crazy machine.
    Thank you for this article!!!!

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