Panic Never Helped Anyone

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by Steven L. Doran

You are lost and you are limited on supplies, maybe you do not even have any, and a storm is coming.

Most people  never have to deal with life-or-death dilemmas of a true survival situation.  Everyday situations can be every bit as stressful if you are  not accustomed to dealing with it. Then when disaster strikes on the trail or in life you just fall apart.  Learning how to remain calm in times of stress or disaster will not only make things go more smoothly,  over time, things will only get better in your life.

Don’t play the blame game. Sometimes, no matter how hard you tried or planed ahead something goes wrong. Self-abuse is always counterproductive. Could Have, Should Have, I am an Idiot.

When something goes wrong learn to make a plan.  Take the time to stop and think, sometimes you can resolve a situation right away with one action.  No matter what the situation if you prepare ahead of time for important events and make contingency plans even in your head, you will have less to deal with later on. Keep it simple, think about what could happen in any given situation and have it in your mind you are going to deal with it.  Plan ahead it will help eliminate most of the stress you will encounter during an emergency.

After making your plan move forward one step at a time. Thinking to far ahead can be overwhelming,  focus on one step at a time.You have to be realistic, as an example it is getting dark, you do not know where you are.  Convincing yourself that you will make it out by nightfall, and you do not need to stop, find shelter etc, is an unrealistic goal.

Fear causes stress, stress causes mistakes , and stress over things in the present is caused by a feeling of hopelessness.  Make the best of it, if you find yourself in a survival or disaster situation, turn it into an adventure.  Without trouble and sadness in life, there would be no joy, excitement or happiness.  Trouble comes to everyone sooner or later. It make take different forms for different people, but it is always going to be there.



2 Comments on "Panic Never Helped Anyone"

  1. CDP on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 12:23 PM 

    You are right, good to keep in mind no matter the situation

  2. Ed Harris on Mon, 9th Nov 2009 12:36 PM 

    This is the lesson of Dersu Uzala. The 1923 book is a great read. I highly recommend Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s 1975 movie adaptation of novelist Vladimir Arsenyev’s novel about survival, set against the stark wilderness of Siberia.

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