Ruger M77 Scout Rifle (With Video)

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By Steven L. Doran

When I grab a large caliber rifle it is typically the Ruger M77 Mark II carbine, it has 16 1/2″ medium-weight barrel and is extremely accurate. It is set up in the scout rifle configuration.

After taking 5 shots at the target from 25 yards, my producer John bet me I could not take five more quick shots and put them in a line on the target. I took that bet and lined them up.

The front mounted, intermediate-eye-relief scopes helps with target acquisition and tracking, and permits easy loading and unloading without scope interference.

I love the short barreled carbine type rifles they can out shoot me at just about any distance. Because I am typically on foot, tromping through, heavy growth, or climbing mountainous terrain, long barreled guns do not do it fore me. I can do anything with the short barreled gun that I can do with a long barreled one, typically more because the rifle is handier so I always have it with me.

I have had guys tell me with their long barreled (Pick One) they can make 1000 yard shots, consistently. I always ask them what they need to take those kinds of shots for. Personally if I am hunting I am not taking a shot at that distance. And for self defense if someone who is a threat to me is 1000 Yards away he is no longer a threat. I have had rifles in that past that were set up for extremely long distance shots. But I can assure you, the shots made with those were for pure entertainment.

If you are looking for a great large caliber rifle that is well built, extremely accurate, to use in any condition or terrain that you will always have at your side the Ruger M-77 should defiantly be considered. This is one of my favorites.

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As always please realize that with any gun; especially one you intend to use for survival or self defense you will have to practice. I always recommend no less than a half a day and no less than 300 rounds through the gun. You should be fully familiar with its operation, loading, unloading, cocking, de-cocking, firing and accuracy. If not keep shooting until you are totally comfortable. This gun is a lot of fun to shoot so it is not like you will be suffering during this process. Go out and have a great time.

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