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Next to a compass a  typographical map is your most important land navigation tool when going into unknown or low viability territory. If you ever find yourself without a map in the unknown wilderness, one of your first priorities is simple to make your own map. That is why we recommend you have a pencil and small note book with you as part of your kit, for this and other things. Find the best vantage point and look out over the terrain. Climbing a tree may give a better view and be your only option.  However this is my last resort especially in a survival situation. Keeping close to the ground is always your best bet, less likely to hurt a foot or twist a knee. But if you must you must.

From the vantage point Note the direction of the ridges, count how many you can see, start deveoping a path to get out. Make a general map with blank patches and then fill them in as you gain more information from other vantage points and from your explorations on the ground. Use this to take the path of least resistance back to safety.

If you have done your home work prior to leaving you will know that you will hit a road or some form of safety by heading in a certain direction.  The reason for the home made map is to avoid going into dangerous or areas that cause you to work harder to get out. Taking the time to take a look will save you time and untold effort.



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