Thank You To Our Men and Women in Uniform

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Many generations, have taken you for granted. Because of your sacrifice we were raised in a country of extraordinary prosperity and peace. The freedom you give us allowed all who live in this country great opportunity to attend schools the ability to pursue careers, to live where we choose, to embrace the religious faith and values we choose, to raise families and pursue our dreams. 

You did this for us and more. You allowed us to give our children, gifts that yours went without. Because of you, all who live here enjoy the freedom to pursue their dreams, and the blessings of living in the land of the free.

We have received these great gifts down through the ages, purchased with blood, and for the most part, little or no appreciation has been shown, some were put away and forgotten,  left to die in building that were paid for with  tax dollars making some feel like we had made a contribution to your efforts, yet you were shielded by the walls so that no one had to see you broken or in despair.

We get days off to honor you and those that have gone before you.   But most Americans do not go to the bases, the hospitals or the cemetery.  Maybe it is because most of the citizens in the US have not had to hear the cries of pain on the field of battle, or watch those who struggle with broken bodies when they return.

No they stayed behind and pursued their dreams. Some even pounded their chests calling you names, used their fame or position to side with our enemies, and some passed resolutions to dishonor you and your sacrifice.  Yet there is not one person who has served or who continues to serve that has any regret for standing in the gap for their countrymen.

Some Americans have not thought much of , the sacrifice that was given in blood, time away from home, scars that will never heal bodies that will never mend or the ones who gave all, their life.

So today, on behalf of myself, my family, and many thankful Americans that I met or have contact with each day.  I submit these words  to my fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children who have and continue to serve in our United States Military. Your bravery and sacrifice have and continue to purchase our freedom, and not only ours, but the freedom of  hurting and forgotten people living abroad, fighting the threat to our freedom and the freedom of people who can not fight for themselves.

May God continue to bless you and may He never let us forget those who have gone before you. You are in my prayers.

Semper Fi

Steven L. Doran

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