Who Really Protects You ?

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By Steven L. Doran

As a former director of public safety, I will let you in on a little secret.  Police respond to crimes that have already been committed or that are in the process of being committed.  They do not prevent crime.

Citizens prevent crime by the course of action they take to protect themselves, their families and neighbors.  Some departments have units that will consult to the local community to help them improve security.  They do a few stings and  investigations that lead to arrests. All of their investigations were started because of a victim, or citizen involvement.  99 % of the time it is up to the individual to refuse to be a victim not the federal government, not the state, not the county, not the city. I will say it again if I was not clear. It is the people who make the community safe.  Not the police or the government.

For those of you who do not believe me. I would encourage you to prove me wrong.  Move to a high crime area and live life as you normally do in a safer area.  I will tell you right now, no government agency will intervene to keep you safe.  If the people in the community do not do it, you are toast.

There are no good neighborhoods, there are good people in all locations. But everyone has the potential of being a victim no matter where you live or how secure you think you are. Unless you are prepared to take care of yourself and those around you.

Why was there less crime years ago? Because people were vigilant.  They took action when persons came into their area who did not belong, and they knew who lived in their neighborhood and who did not.  Today most people do not even know who their neighbor is, let alone if something is out of place.  Toward the end of my career, I have taken reports where heinous crimes had been committed next door.  The neighbor heard it and did not even bother to call police.  They said it was none of their business.  Or the neighbor was not home.  Even if a neighbor calls the police,  it would have made little difference in the life of the victim.  However in each case had the victim been prepared,  or a neighbor been prepared and cared enough to intervene as soon as the trouble started, things would have been different.

Something to remember when you think the police protect you or that your neighbor will call the police if they hear something or intervene on your behalf.



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