Keeping Your Knife Sharp (With Video)

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A sharp knife is much less dangerous than a dull one. This technique will keep your blade sharp and ready to go to work. Put some compound on your strop or Bark River Block.  Hold the end of the strop firmly or if you are using a Bark River Block put it in a comfortable position on the table in front of you so your knife cannot sag.  Take knife in hand, so that you have a firm gip and you can control the blade easily.  In stropping a knife, use a long diagonal stroke with even pressure from the heel to the point. Start the stroke at the top edge of the strop closest Draw the knife flat, with back leading, straight over the surface of strop. Bear just heavy enough on the strop to feel the knife draw. Do not worry about speed. This will come with continued practice. When the first stroke is completed, turn the knife on the back of the blade. Now draw the knife away from you, completing the second stroke in stropping Read more

How to get a good Handgun Grip (With Video)

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Do not over think it but a grip that does not fit your hand will not allow you to get off a quick and accurate shots. One size does not fit all.  When you grip the gun you want it to cause the gun to point naturally at the target; Your shouldn’t have to waste any time searching for and aligning the sights or move the gun around in your hand. Read more

Accuracy vs. Precision: Cutting the bullet in half (With Video)

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It is important to understand that a shot  may be precise but not accurate. For instance,  if  your shots are closely grouped together,  but are not where they need to be on the target they are precise but not accurate. Also, shots may be accurate but not precise if they are well distributed about the target but are significantly dispersed from one another they accurate but not precise.  A lot of times in the field or self defense, what you are shooting at will only present a very small piece of itself.  It may be the only shot you are going to get so your shot better be precise and accurate. Read more

How to Make a EDC or Every Day Carry Kit (With Video)

What should you carry in your EDC kit? I can’t give you the definitive answer because I do not live where you do, and the laws are different in every state. I will help you to start thinking about what you need. It is important to know that an EDC kit is not a Back Pack or bag type kit. It should consist of just the basic items you’ll need to help you quickly respond to situations that could arise during your day. Read more

The Tomahawk (With Video)

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The name Tomahawk was used by the Algonquian Tribe of Virginia. In other parts of the county the Tomahawk was generally referred to as a hatchet.  The tomahawk had many uses and was considered to be irreplaceable by those who used them.  They were used for everything from chopping, digging, hammering and cleaning and hunting game: to hand to hand combat and as throwing weapons. Read more

Learning to Make Precision Shots (With Video)

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Exhibition shooting or trick shooting is a sport in which a marksman performs various feats of skill, using non-traditional targets. This type of shooting can stress either speed, accuracy, or both. Elements of danger can be added for effect. However this type of shooting also increases skill. As in this video if you can hit an aspirin you can hit just about anything. If you want to improve your skill, you have no choice but to challenge yourself. There is no better way I know of then to try and hit things that most people consider to be impossible to hit. Read more

How to make eating utensils in the field (With Video)

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Unless you plan to be stranded for a very long time or are just board out of your brain. Chopsticks are very useful for both cooking and eating, and take a minute or two to make in the field. Read more

Protecting Your Eyes in The Wilderness (With Video)

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The human eye is sensitive to intense light, because it damages the retina and can even blind the individual. If this happens in the field you are in big trouble. Nothing is more debilitating than an eye injury. The brightness of the sun can trigger massive headaches or migraines, which in turn can cause nausea and vomiting. If you are short on water all of these things together can cause death or at the lest serious injury. Read more

Hunting with a Spear (With Video)

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A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft with a sharpened head. The head may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself which can be hardened in a fire if necessary. Or it may be of another material fastened to the shaft, like we have done using the Cold Steel Bushman. Read more

How to Use a Throwing or Rabbit Stick (With Video)

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The throwing stick, commonly known as the rabbit stick, it is very effective against small game and game birds. This tool has been used since the beginning of time.

The rabbit stick itself is a blunt heavy stick that you throw at game, some will tell you that is has to be naturally curved and trimmed at about a 45-degree angle. I disagree,  I personally cut and trim a stick that feels good in my hand, and that I know I can throw fairly acutely. Read more

Gathering Wild Honey (With Video)

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Honey is one of the best foods on the planet because of its nutritional value, and it antibiotic qualities.  Make sure that your target is actually a honeybee hive. Not everything that buzzes leads to honey. Wasps and yellow jackets make nests, but they do not produce any honey, you can eat their larvae but that is another article. Also, there are solitary species of bees which don’t make honey.  The best way to find a wild hive is to follow bees you see gathering pollen to their home. Read more

Hunting with a Blowgun (With Video)

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One of the techniques mastered by rain forest Indians is blowgun hunting, for thousands of years natives of the tropical rain forest have secured their protein by means of hunting with bows and arrows, and blowgun’s. Read more

Large Caliber to .22 Conversion Kits (With Video)

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.22 Conversion Kits are one of the best ways to get a lot of practice at a reasonable price.  .22 ammo is cheaper and with almost no recoil, allows you to concentrate on the basics and improve your shooting skills.  The conversion kits I have used are very accurate. I use the conversion regularly to take small game. The conversion process is easy, so you basically have two guns in one and keep the other slide in your pack. Read more

Wilderness Fitness (With Video)

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By Steven L. Doran

Health and fitness can not be obtained by simply taking a pill or watching a video. Everyone is capable of improving their physical ability. It is not going to happen overnight but you will see progress in a matter of days. Your goal should always be am I physically fit enough to get out of harms way? Or can I improve my fitness level to accomplish my outdoor goal with less chance of injury . Read more

Wax Ammunition a good way to improve your handgun skills (With Video)

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Wax Ammunition is  a good way to improve your combat handgun skills just about anywhere any time.  The process is so simple, take a wax bullet, push it into the casing , then put a shotgun primer or .22 blank into the other end. The shells I use for wax bullets have been specially counter-sunk where the normal primer hole will accept a shotgun primer. If a .22 blank is used, then you will need a special casing with a special hole off to the edge that allows the center-fire action of the revolver to strike the rim of the .22 blank. Read more

Bolt Action Combat Reload (With Video)

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At a very young age I was taught to keep my rifle and shotgun topped off. My Granddad would tell me just because the animal fell it does not mean that it is dead.  Never just run up to it after the shot,  top off your gun, and put a round in the chamber before you move forward.  Because you never know when you might need a follow up shot. Also on the way to retrieve the first one,  a second animal may appear and if your gun is empty you will not have a chance at getting it. Read more

Hunting with a Slingshot (With Video)

Hunters have become accustomed to stalking game with the latest equipment , but one of the funnest, cheapest and oldest forms of hunting is with a Slingshot in Europe they are known as a catapult.  Hunting is fun and challenging, and requires skill, practice and the ability to be fairly accurate.  Slingshots 003_3have less shooting range than a rifle or shotgun, but if you miss the game typically will hang around depending on what it is, and you can get followup shots.  I keep a variety of commercially and hand made slingshots and take them out with me regularly and practice while I am walking down a trail.  You do not need any special target just pick a rock stick or whatever stop and take aim, and see if you can hit the spot or item you selected. Soda cans hanging on string swinging in the wind work well. Just make sure you are not going to take out any windows or break anything where you intend to practice. Read more

Dryfire Laser Drills (With Video)

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Weapon handling skills degrade by 20% in only one week if you are inactive. Dry fire practice is crucial to improving and maintaining live fire skills.  In dry-fire, you experience everything except the bang and the cycling of the action if you are using a semi-auto.  If you use a laser or wax bullets you can also see the hit on target.  By not having to deal with recoil you will be able to concentrate on proper equipment manipulation and trigger control.  Smoothness comes from familiarity with your gear. The key to effective practice is to perform the fundamentals perfectly smoothly, speed comes with time. Point Shooting, trigger control, sight alignment, sight picture, grip and posture can all be practiced during dry-fire but it must be done correctly or you will just ingrain poor habits. This is when you should really concentrate, you are alone with no distractions. Does not matter how slow or fast you go. Just do it right.  The smoother you get the faster you will be able to perform. Read more

Anything Can Happen in the Wilderness (With Video)

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We went out to film a segment as we always do. It was going to be simple, we were doing a spot with John’s wife Gail, on how anyone can learn to shoot.  Sometime you need to just go home. Read more

The Snub Nose Revolver (With Video)

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By Steven L. Doran

The snub-nose .38 revolver has really taken a beating over the last several years. In fact a lot of people who criticize the gun have never taken the time to even shoot one, or have only fired a few rounds. I have heard story after story about what a piece of junk they are and how they do not compare to any semi-auto on the market. Read more

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