Revisiting The Full Charge Wadcutter and the “FBI Load”

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Several friends and I have been re-thinking our decision several years ago to pack semi-auto .22 target pistols in our survival rucks.  We normally carry .38 snubbies as EDC. Having an extra, longer barreled .38 Special revolver in the ruck with extra ammo useable in either gun seemed like a good idea. Read more

Life Changing Experiences

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I had a biological father but my Granddad was my dad.  What an extraordinary individual he was, a man of love, compassion and integrity; yet as tough as nails, who could work from before the sun came up and would not stop at times until long after it went down and never complain about anything. Read more

Fall Wilderness Survival Course

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Shiloh TV and Wildlife Energy are Sponsoring a Two Day Survival Course in the Phoenix Arizona Area. The class will be taught by The Trail Boss Steve Doran.  The course will be held  October 8th & 9th  2011.  All participants will be released on the 9th in plenty of time to make their flights, ground transportation etc.  We recommend you arrive in town on Friday October 7th, we will be holding a briefing that evening for those who are in town.  Read more

Considering a .410? Why would you want to do that?

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I have alot of experience with the .410. I own a couple used for woods walking and to shoot garden varmints, but the 12-ga. pump riot gun is the “go to” gun for things which go bump in the night. If you will only own ONE shotgun, get a 12-ga. pump. I recommend the “reduced recoil” law enforcement loads if females and youngsters will use the same gun. Their recoil compares to a standard 20-ga. load. Read more

Winter Trekking

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Beautiful and isolated, Northern Michigan has been a “home away from home” for many, sportsmen, movie stars, poets, writers, filmmakers,  inventors,  politicians and other gangsters looking to escape trouble. Read more

Ben Lilly Mountain Man

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In the annals of southwestern mountain man and desert rat lore, few loom as large as Ben Lilly. The life and exploits of this mysterious and peculiar lion and bear hunter has captured the imagination of generations of readers. Bill Tarrant devoted a chapter to Lilly in his book Pick of the Litter, and another fascinating Ben Lilly story, written by Frank Hibben and first published in F&S in 1954, can be found in the book The Best of Field & Stream, 100 Years of Great Writing. Read more

Being a Sportsman

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By Steven L. Doran

I took a look through my Granddad’s field glasses that rested in a light brown leather case on the front seat of his Ford LTD Station wagon. The Wagon seemed to be more of a truck than a family car. He took it in where some 4WD’s would not go. Granddad moved the vehicle slowly forward and out of sight behind a thicket of brush.  “What did you see boy?” he asked, “Tons of ducks”. He laughed and grabbed his door with his left hand, and pulled the handle gently with his right to avoid the loud click in normally made, and stepped out motioning me to crawl out his side of the wagon. Read more

Handgun Hunting: Meat In The Pot

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I can remember very few men who actually hunted with handguns, except when it was necessary to hunt for food or to kill a predator and a handgun was the only gun available. Albeit, my compadres have taken a trainload of game with the six-shooter, and I’ve brought home a generous share myself. Read more

Perfect Packin’ Pistols

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The past ten years or so has seen a new trend in handguns, namely sixguns with very long barrels of l0″ or more as well as specialty single-shot pistols with barrels of 14″ or more. All of the long barreled sixguns and single-shots that I have been acquainted with have been wonderfully accurate and a real pleasure to shoot. However we have strayed somewhat from the original intent of a handgun and that is an easily carried, quick to get into action, defensive, weapon. Read more

How long is .22 Rimfire Ammo good for?

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If you are like me and like to shoot, you will find yourself with a huge supply of .22 ammo for a multitude of different reasons. It is not unusual for me to buy a brick or two on a regular basis and more if the ammo is on sale. Because of this I wind up with an abundance and some of it needs to be stored. Having a good deal of .22 ammo around is never a bad thing. I can always find a reason to grab one of my favorite rifles or pistols and head out for a day of practice, hunting or plinking. Read more

The Survival of Hugh Glass

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The story of Hugh Glass ranks as one of the most remarkable stories of survival in American history. So much so, that Hugh Glass became a legend in his own time. Little is actually known about Glass. It was said that he was a former pirate who gave up his life at sea to travel to the West as a scout and fur trapper. Exactly when is unknown. He is believed to have been born in Philadelphia around 1783.  His story shows that no matter how desperate the situation is. You can still survive. Read more

Pistol Caliber Shot Loads

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Any outdoors-man who carries a handgun afield routinely should carry a few shot loads for contingencies. Whether you handload your own, or buy them, just get a few. I don’t use very many, maybe a half-dozen a year, but when I get surprised by a rattler in the woodpile or outhouse, they are comforting. Then, there’s always the hope a fat grouse will appear under my tree stand during deer season… Read more

The Old School Lightweight S&W Model 12

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The S&W Model 12 was manufactured from 1953 until 1986. The gun was originally designed to compete with Colt for Air Force and other military contracts, with model numbers running from 12-1 to 12-4. These revolvers had a frame that was 0.08” thinner than their steel counterparts. The 4” Model 12 weighs in at just 19 oz. Read more

The 16 Gauge Option

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When I’m asked which gauge should be chosen for a shotgun, I’ve learned to first ask what shotgun(s) the person already has. Many times I’ve found that my questioner had a perfectly functional shotgun that was assumed to be useless because it wasn’t a new sleek field model or “tactical”. I have no doubt that such an assumption is a huge mistake. Read more

Avoid Cold Weather Injury

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Winter is still with us and many areas not used to severe winter weather are getting hit and it is staying cold. If you don’t know the threat cold weather brings, you can’t work well in it or take care of common problems like you can in a more The Buffalotemperate climate.  Throughout history even our troops have not been immune to cold weather. Read more

The Break-Open, Single-Shot, 12-gauge shotgun

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People with real-world experience agree that a break-open, single-shot, 12-gauge shotgun the least expensive, most handy and versatile firearm that anyone can own.  A subsistence farmer or outdoors-man doesn’t want a heavy duck gun or tactical shotgun. When on foot  or out doing chores you aren’t going to carry several hundred 12-gauge shells which only take 9 rounds to weigh a pound.  Instead, you take what you need for the day and to get you back home.  Typically you will carefully make a box or two of ammo last for as long a time as possible, especially if your ammo re-supply is a great distance away. We are speaking here of a meat getter, predator eliminator and home defense gun.  Low cost, safety, simplicity, ruggedness, durability, ease of carry, fast handling and versatility are essential attributes.  What other firearm can you get for about $100 used or less than $200 new which does so much? Read more

The Semi-Automatic Pistol

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Some people prefer to carry the semi-automatic pistol for defense. The semi-auto is flatter than the revolver, and generally has a greater ammunition capacity than does a revolver of the same overall size. I believe that it simply comes down to PW9609Lpersonal preference more often than not. Rather than advocate a specific brand or model, I’d like to offer some factors that might be to your advantage to consider when looking for a defensive auto pistol.

Is it of a size that you will actually carry it? I don’t mean can you carry it– will you carry it? I one had a +70 year old client show up for training with a large capacity .40 caliber pistol, which he proudly announced he intended to carry all day, every day. I suggested that he might be better served with a smaller handgun, and he became rather indignant. He protested that he was in perfect physical condition, and that he would have no problem carrying the handgun. He was in excellent shape, but his experience in carrying the gun was that he had hauled it to my concealed carry class in his lunch pail.  I might be a bit sheltered, but I haven’t carried a lunch pail regularly since third grade. Sad truth to tell, my main reason for quitting was that my lunches quit fitting in a lunch pail, and I graduated to shopping bags to haul my chow. I have nothing against lunch pails and I’m not clairvoyant, I just doubt this old guy was going to start carrying it 18 hours a day.

It turned out that despite spending way too much money on an expensive holster he found that the gun was simply too large and heavy for him to drag around in the course of his normal workday.  He ended up with a smaller handgun in a pocket holster. The gun should fit into your lifestyle, because you’re unlikely to alter much of your lifestyle when you begin to carry a handgun.

If the gun is too large, you’ll leave it elsewhere. If it isn’t with you, it doesn’t count. I don’t generally recommend tiny defensive auto pistols, but I sincerely believe you are infinitely better off with a .22 Short in your pocket than you are with a Combat Custom Big Name Whiz-Bang .577 Magnum Zombie Killer that is out of reach.  For most people, a reasonable choice is somewhere between those extremes. Read more

The S&W Victory Model Revolver

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“I got a problem,” my patrol partner, Jerry, confided, “and I’m betting you can help me out.”  I’m a complete sucker for an interesting story, and his fit the bill.  It was in the mid-1980s, and it seems that Jerry had been summoned to a family meeting.  His great-aunt, a lady said to be well into her 90′s, was causing some concern to her rural neighbors. Read more

Wool Still Works

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Recently I relocated the buttons on my Filson double-cruiser and Mackinaw vest to give more room to fasten around my aging middle. When I bought these back in 1972, I was told by the sales adviser at ForestGreen_item-1070_1Eddie Bauer to buy one “not less than two full sizes larger than I wore now,” because quality woolens are “lifetime garments” which I would “grow into.”  A sad truth to be sure. I could lose weight, but moving the buttons for now is easier. I can always move them back. Read more

Can a person get by with One Handgun?

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People I know who don’t own a gun, but are thinking about buying one  frequently ask what ONE handgun they should buy for home defense, home and outdoor protection. They would never use a handgun for big game hunting, but would carry it when working outdoors, traveling on vacation hiking, fishing, boating or camping trips, and depend on it, if needed, for home or personal defense. Read more

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